New floor in a few minutes, quickly and easily! PVC tiles Fortelock

The choice of the flooring is one of the crucial points that determine the desing of each interior. In course of time, the PVC Fortelock interlocking tiles became widely popular for the specific combination of its features such as its suitability for virtually every premises, low maintenance demands, high resilience or perfect look. With respect to the parameters, different flooring types are recommended so it offers the best functionality in a given premise and thus fits exactly your expectations. Choose the best for you.

Why Fortelock PVC tiles?

* Very quick and easy installation
* Nothing to glue or weld
* No difficulties with fixing the original floor
* Material you can rely on
* Long lasting flooring solution

Up to 12-year wear and tear warranty!
The company Fortemix guarantees resistance to wear and tear of Fortelock for a maximum period of 12 years from the manufacturing date (for more details, see Technical Sheet Fortelock). When maintained properly, the expected service life is 25 years.

Fortelock introducing video

Product categories

Fortelock Industry

This type of tile is recommended for areas characterized by high stress, the need for durability, and for a high-quality and quick installation and renovation. We find them being used particularly in the industrial sector, where they are used very frequently. Whether the sector is mechanical engineering, pharmacy or warehouses and shipment.

Prices from 34€ per m2 + VAT

Fortelock Light

This type of floor is recommended in areas where the maximum resistance to stress is not required, but still deals with utility spaces. This floor is particularly suitable for households – garages, basements, boiler rooms, but also for fitness centers, schools or commercial premises.

Prices from 30€ per m2 + VAT

Fortelock Invisible

The new Fortelock Invisible PVC floor was designed to meet the most strenuous requirements of every user. You can choose these homogenous tiles with hidden locks for commercial, civil, residential warehouse spaces. During the development of the floor, special consideration was given to efficient usage, convenient usage and the ease of installation.

Prices from 34€ per m2 + VAT

Fortelock Decor

Beautiful new look for your interior in few minutes only: no dirt, no need of special tools and especially no waiting. We are introducing the unique collection of the modern, heterogeneous Fortelock DECOR flooring. You don’t have to make compromises anymore. 

Prices from 44€ per m2 + VAT

Fortelock ECO

Heavy loads for better price 

  • PVC Tiles Fortelock ECO feature the same high-strength characteristics as Fortelock Industry.
  • The difference between these two types of tiles is the composition of the material.
  • In addition to the primary PVC, ECO Tiles also contain a blend of PVC from electro insulations, which is supplemented by additives.
  • This mixture improves the functionality of the tiles.
  • Fortelock Eco is designed for heavy loads in industries, warehouses or garages.
  • Patterns: Diamond, Leather, Money
  • Colors: Black, Grey

Prices from 23,4€ per m2 + VAT

About Fortelock plastic floor.

  • The Fortelock system for floors is made of interlocking tiles of 100 % PVC intended for both old and new floors of various qualities. The floors are made by the Fortemix company in the Czech Republic.
  • Fortelock flooring is easy to install, it is typically enough to use a rubber mallet and a knife. That is why garage floors or even sports floors are completed very quickly.
  • The bottom sides of Fortelock tiles contain a unique system of drainage channels providing moisture drainage and thus preventing problems caused by moisture in the subfloor and the occurrence of mould, e.g. for using as floors for garages or sports areas etc.
  • Standardized recycled materials, mainly from the other production procedures, are a primary ingredient in the production of Fortelock tiles and this allows primary resources to be saved. Furthermore, the tiles can be completely recycled at the end of the floor life cycle and pressed again on payment, so that the floor can serve many more years.
  • Fortelock-tiled floors significantly dampen vibrations and footfall sound and they act as a heat insulator. Therefore, movement as well as standing on Fortelock tiles is much more comfortable than, for example, on concrete or ceramic tiles etc. The colour options of Fortelock tiles make it possible to give the rein to your imagination.

Wide application range of Fortelock PVC floor.

Fortelock plastic tiling can be widely used in production, warehouses, rentals,

as floors for garages, workshops,

sports floors,

floors in kids' play areas,


basements, laundries,

car repair shops, showrooms,

exhibition halls, offices etc...


The colour options of Fortelock tiles make it possible to give the rein to your imagination.


Ramps and corners

For the perfect look, the entryway trim and corners of the floor are made in the same color and design like Fortelock tiles. The entryway trim is used mainly to facilitate entering the floor; this way you can avoid damaging the edges of the tiles.

Medium load

Bottom side

Suitable for use in areas where there are not heavy machinery or high loads.

Product no: 2050, 2060,2080

Dimensions: 510 x 510 x 7mm

Pattern: Rihvel, Nahk, Coin

Weight: 1,4kg

High loads

Bottom side

Meant for areas where heavy machinery and high loads are used.


Product no: 2010, 2020,2040

Dimensions: 510 x 510 x 7mm

Pattern: Rihvel, Nahk, Coin

Weight: 2,2kg

Fortelock specifications


Dimensions - 468×468 mm
1 m2 - 4 tiles of Light, Industry, ECO
1 tile - 2,2 kg
Tile thickness - 6,7 mm

Fortelock DECOR

Dimensions - 472×472 mm
1 m2 = 5 tiles of DEKOR and Invisible
1 tile - 1,6 kg
Tile thickness - 6,5 mm

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